About Nicole...

Nicole Weston (she/her) is a badass Business coach for the mom who wants it all.

She is Master Practitioner in NLP, with a degree in social work and combines emotional intelligence with energetics to help moms redefine and align to what they truly desire.


Nicole combines her 8 years of entrepreneurship with the most advanced neuroscience modalities to offer emotional mastery, inner alignment, self-confidence, and abundant possibilities. 













I believe we get to have it all
in motherhood and business.


The month my daughter turned one years old I celebrated my first 14k month in my business. I am earning more now in my business than I ever did before becoming a mother. 

Why? Because I believe we have the infinite ability to manifest what we desire and bring it into reality.

In July 2018, our daughter was born. 3 months postpartum I had come to realize my mind, body and soul were not aligned with starting back so soon. EVERYTHING was different. 

I didn’t know who I was or HOW I was going to manage it all. 

I felt lost, confused, unsure how I would support our family.

I experienced anxiety and fear not knowing how I would do it all. How can I make an impact in the world and earn income while being present with our daughter?

I realized I was carrying some MASSIVE money beliefs wrapped into motherhood that were preventing me from having it all. 

Some unconscious beliefs I was carrying were: 

Success can’t happen while I am a mom to a toddler

Motherhood is hard and relentless

There isn't enough time

Earning money isn't easy because you have to work HARD

You can't have both a thriving business and a loving partner

You only get one; money or love

When my daughter was 9 months old I went DEEP into the inner work and all the confusion, struggle and uncertainty of how I would do it all transformed with ONE word, 


The moment I heard this word everything inside me aligned.


The results started showing up in every of my life  with ease and power not force.

By the time my daughter turned one year old I celebrated my biggest month in sales.I was also caring for our daughter and enjoying a loving, healthy, passionate relationship with my love. 

I didn’t previously believe that could be my reality.

After doing the inner work and releasing the unconscious programming I aligned myself to my desires.  The more deeper I went into alignment the more powerful the results were in my clients, in my sales and in my family.  

  • I consistently crush 5-figure months.
  • I am a worthy and wealthy woman. 
  • I LIVE each moment with intentional action.
  • I can have it all and so can you and it gets to be easy, fun and prosperous

We get to have it all.

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Designed for badass leaders and mothers who desire to get off autopilot and get back to intentionally living so you can finally reap the rewards of your success.

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