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Hi I'm Nicole Weston.

I help women redefine what success
looks like and feels like to them.

My idea of success is having the ability to CHOOSE what
I do with my time, to be present, to enjoy life, to have
peace of mind, to enjoy luxury, most importantly
to feel the joy in my heart, to be fulfilled.

This is the practice of total acceptance and surrender, BUT each woman deserves to define what it means to HER. 

I am a woman, fiance, mother and badass coach who is redefining what it means to be women and mother in business. I believe we get to have it all and I am leading women through owning their power, standing in their worth all through self love. 

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Podcast: Redefine & Align for the mom who wants it all

This season we are diving deep into the stories behind the success. I discovered that almost 99% of the moms in business who I connect with have all turned their pain into their purpose. 

Through awakening, healing and diving into the personal development work each mom has found a new layer of herself. With this new found perspective she feels a sense of mission, purpose to bring this healing to the world and help other women and mothers.

I have discovered behind every successful mom in business lies a story of their becoming.

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7 day Masterclass:

Elevate your self-love

Designed for badass leaders and mothers who desire to get off autopilot and get back to intentionally living so you can finally reap the rewards of your success.

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"I am a better woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur because I had this beautiful woman in my corner. I highly recommend that you take a moment to connect with Nicole; it will change your life!"

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"Nicole is amazing! I can never thank her enough. She helped me remember my WHY for choosing to own my own business.  Nicole helped me channel my emotions, feel them and release them in a positive manner. I am so much happier and I am working towards my business working for me and not the other way around. Covid did a number on my mindset, but now I am feeling more aligned with my mind and body. I am forever grateful for her listening ear and guidance."


"This was the best decision I ever made.  Nicole was amazing!  With her guidance and support she allowed me to determine and release old thought patterns and emotions that were keeping me stuck.  I am happier,  confident and more determined than ever to have the best life possible and accomplish all the things I deserve.  I  highly recommend Nicole and her program."