Becoming Coaching Experience

You're a Trailblazer who is ready to fully live in alignment with your business and in motherhood.

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Becoming Mastermind

6-month mastermind designed to amplify your alignment in business and motherhood so you can drop the guilt and elevate your impact.

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I believe we get to have it all.

But, most haven't been taught how to HOLD it all.


"Nicole is amazing! I can never thank her enough. She helped me remember my WHY for choosing to own my own business.  Nicole helped me channel my emotions, feel them and release them in a positive manner. I am so much happier and I working towards my business working for me and not the other way around. Covid did a number on my mindset, but now I am feeling more aligned with my mind and body. I am forever grateful for her listening ear and guidance."

Hi, I'm Nicole Weston  

I am earning more now in my business than I ever did before becoming a mother and losing my mother. 


Because I believe we have the infinite ability to manifest what we desire and bring it into reality.

But first, you will experience the duality of your life just before it transforms. 

This is why mentorship and community are key. 

Badass women and mothers are so powerful. 

You are running a home, a wildly successful Business and raising happy and healthy kids. 

And now you’ve hit an invisible ceiling. 

You desire more and have a voice inside asking how will you ever have more?

This is where we shift and transform. 

You see you are holding what you are based on your kickass beliefs about yourself. 

So what would happen when you invite more in? 

What if you were earning more without the stress? 

What if you called in your soul mate while crushing your sales goals? 

What if you parented from a place of compassion, confidence and grace? (Zero guilt) 

I know what happens. 

I’m living it. 

And, I’m leading clients through it too. 

It starts with an empowered HELL YESS. 

Yes to more, yes to love, yes to living IN your life fully. 

This is for the badass women who LOVE their life and are SO freaking ready to redefine what success, love and happiness feel like. 

The Becoming Coaching Experience 


You are a trailblazer, a badass leader and mother.  You have BIG dreams and visions for your life AND you desire the to have it all. The problem is no there are massive money beliefs that come with success as a mother. 

Are you ready?

My signature program will elevate your business and unleash the badass leader and mother you really are. 

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The first move can be the hardest

As a trailblazer you hear your heart asking for more.

And the funny thing is the longer you stay busy the longer it will take to hear it. 

The call. 

It’s calling you forward and it’s disguised as your biggest fear. 

The call to move into your next level life. 

A life you design and live fully in. 

What if the act of being busy is actually the exact distraction keeping you from what you dream of? 

How many tasks at home or in your business are you doing because the thought of paying someone else to do something you “should” be doing makes you feel like you’re not enough? 

So you buckle down, get it all done and stay busy. 

But at what cost? 

Your happiness? Your health? Your relationships? 

What if the distraction is the opportunity to choose you? 

I know that how you got here will not get you to where you’re going. 

I know this with every cell in my being. 

Let me show you another way. 

So when you hear the call it doesn’t stress you out rather you smile and are reminded of how powerful you are. 

What if I told you it can’t get any harder because when you surrenders and choose you you, will no longer be swimming up stream. 

No matter what happens you always have a choice. 

Are you ready to answer the call, to receive more, to love more, to live more, to earn more and have fun?

Nicole guided me through starting my own company, managing my relationships, self love and care and maintaining a household as a Mommy of 2 babies. She provided powerful strategies, meditation and was available for me throughout the entire journey."

What You Can Expect

High Level Leadership

Embody the divine leader within so you can experience inner alignment and business elevation.

Live Training Sessions

Where we focus on mindset, the energetics of business, emotional mastery, and manifestation. Replays will be available. 

2 x 1:1 Opportunities

1 1:1 opportunity to welcome you into the container and the other to dive deep into your money story.

Becoming Coaching Experience is for you because you want to:

  • Release the money blocks at a cellular level and quantum leap into success
  • Choose your own path and do motherhood and business on your own terms
  • Master your mindset and release the negative thoughts holding you back
  • Trust yourself and make empowered decisions instead of feeling guilty
  • Have confidence while navigating motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Embody your essence of being a human while evolving and embracing the power of spirituality 
  • Learn my proven framework for mindset +emotional intelligence so you can make space to be you while you grow and scale. 
  • Have quality time to spend with your family and actually BE present
  • Have a community of badass leaders and mothers who know first hand what it's like to be an entrepreneur and a mom
  • Have a powerful and passionate relationship with your partner

 Do you feel the full body HELL YES?

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And the truth is having it all means having the capacity to hold it all.  

But most business programs were not created to hold your experience with motherhood and most self development programs were not designed to hold your business growth. 

I am raising the standard for excellence and bringing you the high level training and coaching experience.

Everything is energy and as a mother you have grown and evolved and you deserve support and guidance to navigate the chaos and of life.

My Divine Leadership method will provide you with the system and space to align your inner world with your physical reality.  

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Becoming Coaching Experience Includes

Training in The Divine Leadership Method and the Becoming Framework™. You will receive 2 private sessions for Quantum Magic, Six training modules, and six mastermind sessions. All replays will be recorded. Attendance is highly recommended for each session to create safe and powerful connections. 


A high level and intimate group of 12 women only. 

Voxer Coaching 

An opportunity to connect and grow with one another. 


All members have access to the mastermind recordings for 12 months after completion. 

Virtual Retreat

"I am a better woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur because I had this beautiful woman in my corner. I highly recommend that you take a moment to connect with Nicole; it will change your life!"

I believe we get to have it all

And the reason that I know this is because I experience it. 

Which didn’t come easy. 

We are deeply conditioned to believe we can have success in one area of life at the sacrifice of all others. We believe that if we want to be wealthy, it means we have to be lonely or that if we want to be successful in business, it means we can’t be a present parent.  

And that simply is not true. 

The month my daughter turned one, I celebrated my first 14k month in my business. I was earning more in my business than I ever had before becoming a mother. 

When the world came to a stop in 2020 I hit the pause button and focused on being even more present. The results were more happiness, presence, impact with clients and a six figure year in business. 

Why? Because I believe we have the infinite ability to manifest what we desire and bring it into reality.

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