The Shift Masterclass: How Making This Shift Can Ignite Infinite Possibilities

You have applied all of the manifestation techniques, focused on staying positive and "high-vibe", and read all you can about the law of attraction. 

And yet no matter what you do, you find yourself struggling to have it all. The loving family, successful business, the income you desire, time flexibility, and harmony.

 It just takes this one shift...

Yes, I'm In!!

If you are a business woman and mom, you already know how challenging it is to be a present parent and partner, run and build a business, and find time for you.

Let’s get real. 

Business is hard.

Relationships are hard.

Motherhood is HARD.

I was struggling in all areas.

I wanted it all. I technically HAD it all… but something wasn’t working.

I had no balance, no harmony, no time and I felt in my soul that it didn’t need to be THIS HARD.

There must be another way.

How I learned to let go of the mom guilt, up-level my relationship and continue to have 5 figure months with compassion and love.

Since cracking this code I have 5 figure months 

I have upleveled my relationship and it’s getting better daily. 

I am able to show up for my daughter in a new way. NO GUILT. 

I never imagined any of this was possible. 

Let me show you how I made this LIFE CHANGING shift.

Join me for The Shift masterclass: ignite infinite possibilities.


You get to have it all. A loving family, a successful business, harmony, and time.

But it isn't only law of attraction and manifestation that will get you there. Positive thinking is great and totally necessary but we are both human and spiritual beings. 

It's about going back to basics, honoring your full self, and powerfully shifting your belief system and opening new possibilities. 

Yes, I'm In!

Here's Why You Find Yourself Struggling to Have it All

  1. You feel like you have to do it all. 
  2. You have not been taught to tap into the wisdom of your body.
  3. You have been conditioned to believe that you have to choose between motherhood and family OR career. 
  4. You don't see the old stories you are telling yourself because they are deeply ingrained but are holding you back.

Get Back to Basics

Receive more of what YOU truly want with my back to basics method.

Receive More

Receive more abundance, radiance and happiness.

Shift Your Belief System

SHIFT the belief that you can’t have it all. Because you can.

Being the Woman, Mom, Business Owner You Truly Are Requires You to Shift

Are you ready?




´╗┐Access to 2 modules of learning powerful, life-changing shifts, and the bonus Q&A session that answered questions from participants of the live version so you walk away with tangible steps to shift your life, motherhood, and business.


Day 1

  • Unlocking the Manifestation code and why we need more aligned action and less toxic positivity 
  • Busting the industry's biggest myths about ‘self-care’ and manifestation
  • Back to Basics Method and why we must build this foundation for more ease and alignment

Day 2

  • Divine leadership communication grounded in self-compassion 
  • Guided visualization designed for more ease and calm
  • Redefining what it means to have it all


  • Bonus  Question & Answer session
  • Lifetime access to recordings. 

I Know You...

- Are SO ready to stop feeling the immense guilt and pressure to do it all

- Want to repair what you feel like you have ‘done’ to your children through the lockdown

- Want to release the guilt and start putting you first, but you don’t know where to start or even how to fit  it all in

- Want to release the emotional baggage from your past and let go of the generational trauma

- Desire to feel confident, happy and secure in who you are as a woman, mother and partner

 It all starts with ONE SHIFT that can ignite infinite possibilities

Yes, I'm In!!

Hi! I'm Nicole Weston.

Nicole Weston (she/her) is a badass business coach for the mom who wants it all. She has been leading women for seven years on their journey of prosperity, self-love and mindset mastery. 

As a Master Practitioner in NLP, and with a degree in social work Nicole combines neuroscience and emotional intelligence with energetics to help moms redefine and align to what they truly desire. 

Nicole's style of coaching is to meet clients where they are so they can transcend their emotional pain and quantum leap towards their potential. 

She is driven, fierce, energetic and passionate about getting her clients results. 


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