The Shift: Masterclass:

How Making This Shift Can Ignite Infinite Possibilities

You have applied all of the manifestation techniques, focused on staying positive and "high-vibe", and read all you can about the law of attraction. 

And yet no matter what you do, you find yourself struggling to have it all. You feel like with all the work you have done with yourself you should ‘feel happier’ by now. 

It starts with one decision to elevate...


I'm in!

You’re a passionate, curious and courageous woman who desires to elevate your life and live it to the fullest.

You consider yourself a spiritual badass because you play in the world of energy and manifestation.

And yet, something isn’t adding up. 

You are beginning to realize that you still feel disconnected, you feel like you should be happier by now. 

You question if this inner work is really even working. 

I’m here to tell you a secret…

There is a gap in the self-development industry that has you believing that if you practice manifestation, positive affirmations and focus on what you want you will be living your best life. 

And while this is mostly true,  I believe the key to true self-love  is the practice of loving yourself through the suffering. 

That living your best life has more to do with walking yourself through your pain as you live your best life. 

You see self-love isn’t the destination. 

It isn’t a test you fail or pass at the end of a 6 month period. 

Self-love is an act of permission to be fully present in what is. 

But you’ve been conditioned to live for the next step. 

You see I believe that self-love has more to do with who you are in the darkness with yourself and less to do with ‘being’ high vibe all the time. 

What they aren’t teaching you is HOW to love yourself while you navigate the chaos, the pain and the actual darkness… That is the human experience.  

So when the bad stuff in life happens and you experience pain, failure, loss and grief you begin to feel like YOU did something wrong. (hello childhood wounds)

Like you’re the problem and somehow ‘manifested’ this experience because you did something wrong. Like You didn’t do it perfectly. 

I call Bullsh*t.


You get to have it all. A loving family, a successful business, harmony, and time.

But it isn't only the law of attraction and manifestation that will get you there. Positive thinking is great and totally necessary but we are both human and spiritual beings. 

It's about going back to basics, honoring your full self, and powerfully shift your belief system and opening new possibilities.

Yes, I'm In!

Here's Why You Find Yourself Struggling to Have it All 

The problems began before you and were passed down to you through;

  1. A culture that promotes spiritual and emotional bypassing. 
  2. Generational trauma that has you feeling like you are responsible for every bad event that happens in your life. 
  3. Being a woman who was raised to be the ‘good girl and care for others before yourself. 
  4. The belief that self-sacrifice is a noble skill 

So you see, it was never your fault AND you do have the power to resolve and transform how you navigate your life. 

You are invited to The Shift: A masterclass designed to ignite how you show up in your life

Are you ready?


Access to 3 live modules of learning powerful, life-changing shifts, and the bonus Q&A session that answered questions from participants of the live version so you walk away with tangible steps to shift your life, relationships and happiness.

You are a badass woman who unapologetically desires to have it all and isn’t afraid to do the work to claim it. Being the badass leader and Woman You Truly Are Requires You to Elevate and you don’t have to do it alone

Day One: Shift your EQ

  • Unlocking the Manifestation code and why we need more aligned action and less toxic positivity 
  • Busting the industry's biggest myths about ‘self-care’ and manifestation
  • Back to Basics Method and why we must build this foundation for more ease and alignment

Day Two: Amplify your Intuition

  • The Love ME Method for communication grounded in self-compassion 
  • Guided visualization designed for more ease and calm
  • Redefining what it means to have it all

Bonus Day: Rewire your Mindset

  • I will lead you through a process rooted in quantum resolution so you can SHIFT the belief that you can’t have it all. Because you can.
  • Bonus  Question & Answer session
  • Lifetime access to recordings. 


"It’s made me more aware of myself. How my core beliefs dictate all new experiences and opportunities. I need to shift my thinking- become aware of my initial conditioning to make things different for myself."

Member of The Shift

SHIFT Your Whole Life, Relationships, and Self in just









I Know You...


  • You see the world as pure possibility and want to live intentionally
  • You crave balance and ease between  how hard you work and how much you play
  • You are a badass woman  who unapologetically desires to have it all and isn’t afraid to do the work to claim it. 
  • You want to be an active participant in your life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’re ready for the beauty of it all.
  • You are ready and willing to trust yourself fully and receive more abundance, radiance, and happiness

 It all starts with a decision to elevate yourself first and co-create your dream life.

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Hi! I'm Nicole Weston

Nicole Weston (she/her) I am a Self Love Coach, mother, fiancé, and NLP practitioner.  I have been leading women for 8 years on their journey of  self-love, manifestation, mindset and emotional intelligence. 

As a Master Practitioner in NLP, and with a degree in social work I combine neuroscience and emotional intelligence with energetics to help women redefine and align to what they truly desire. 

I am an energetic, passionate, bold woman. My  style of coaching is to meet you where you are so you can transcend your emotional pain and quantum leap towards your potential. 

I guide you inwards to your potential and possibility.


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