• Wake up feeling calm, supported and excited about life?

  • Release the  blocks of guilt  at a cellular level and quantum leap into ease and effortlessness?

  • Create flow and balance between your business/career and home life?

  • Know who you are and what you stand for?

  • Put yourself first easily?

  • Have quality time to spend with your family and actually enjoy it?

  • Have a powerful and passionate relationship with your partner?

  • Be able to finally BREATHE?

15 minute Connection Call

If you are a mom struggling with:

  • Feeling like you lost yourself after motherhood and that you don't know your goals or desires. 

  • Managing all of the things that need to get done but feel like you never get ahead. 

  • Feeling that you aren't doing enough for your family or yourself.

  • Self-confidence and making decisions.

  • Stress and overwhelm all of the time.

  • Constantly worrying that people are judging you.

  • Mom guilt.

And you have heard the answer to your problems is more self care, meditation, think positive, commit to a gratitude practice, or self-help books and podcasts.

And yes, these are all great and super helpful.


But here's why those things alone may not be working...

They don't integrate the whole self. We are spiritual beings having a human experience which means we have to acknowledge our lived experiences, our emotions, our trauma, all of which is stored in our bodies. 
This means that toxic positivity - "just be happy" or "you should be more grateful" doesn't work. 
Self-love is 'the work' and when we focus on "what's wrong with me" we are starting from a place of shame, guilt, and negative emotions. You aren't broken, bad things happened to you and you deserve the space to release, resolve, and reconcile those events.
And then from that whole self, you can start to co-create the life you desire, know who you truly are, trust yourself to make decisions in the best interest of yourself and your family.
But it takes courage. 

This is the journey from pain to purpose, it is about breaking free from the pressure, expectations, restrictions, and break free from the self-imposed box of feeling like we have to do it all a certain way.

Connection Call

This 6 week 1:1 coaching program is for you if you are a mother who...

  • Is a passionate and driven leader.

  • Values investing in self development because you are a life learner

  • Works hard and get caught up in the hustle and grind of trying to do it all and feel burnt out

  • Feels like you are never really present at home or in life because you are managing it all 

  • Knows you need to do something different but aren’t sure where to start

  • Craves balance and excellence and have zero energy for either one 

  • Desires to be happy and healthy and want to release the blocks from the past and launch forward

  • Seeking a community of like minded women who like you desire to have it all

HER Courageous Way is not just another self-help program that tells you that you are broken or lost. This program is:

Divine Leadership

Trifecta of social work theory, trauma sensitive lens and framework, neuroscience + emotional intelligence.

A Safe Space

A container for you to show up exactly who you are, say what you need to say to heal without judgment, and transform.

The Time to Redefine Yourself

You will take the lead in defining your success, and then redefining your desires and align with the energy that will create that life. 

Here's What's Included in this 8 Week Program:


  • Four 1-to-1 60 minute zoom video sessions ($555)
  • The Back to Basics method™ and The Motherhood Code™
  • Level One QCP session (2 hours $555)
  • 30 day access to the Mom Collective ($88)
  • Access to voxer coaching M-F (real time 1:1 coaching and support)
  • Ongoing support and coaching through Voxer and Zoom coaching calls


The Exploration session is the blueprint for our work together. It is simple question and answer session where I will be asking you questions specifically regarding what you desire. As well, as a client you will have a deeper understanding of what the problem is and left feeling empowered to make the best decision for you moving forward.


This is where you declare the life you desire and create the roadmap to your success. We define your values, needs, wants and desires so you can release what is preventing you from achieving them.

The Shift: Navigating Emotional Intelligence

Simple strategies for you to implement and practice for more ease, love and confidence. I will guide you through uncovering your emotional blocks, how to release easily. You will learn my method for Divine leadership and leading with love.

The Quantum Change Process™ 1

Quantum transformation through forgiveness, designed so you can release, resolve the root of the issue preventing you from having self-love, confidence and happiness. The Quantum Change Process™ is a highly effective technique for accessing unresolved issues and old core belief systems that are buried in the unconscious, and resolving or letting go of the emotions linked to them.

The Rising

Leading yourself to have it all on your terms. Here we work together on creating new healthy boundaries and the framework to maintaining. I will coach you in implementation and communication.

If you are ready to reclaim your power, transform your confidence, self-worth, have more time, more fun and get back to Her. 

This coaching program is for you. I meet you where you are at, my approach is not a “one size fits all”. I hold space for you to discover your desires, create new ways of loving yourself and guide you to leading a life you love.


Connection Call

Book a 15 minute connection call

OR you can invest now

On our connection call we can discuss any questions you may have for me and decide if this is the best program for you. If you know this is the program for you, I am so excited to guide you. Scroll down to select payment options. 

To enroll in this program you are willing to:

- take full responsibility for where you are at and where you want to go. 

- to invest in yourself via time, money and energy.


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"It will be life changing"

"The unconscious is that we don't know what we don't know and it was such a gift to have someone with such an understanding of what was really going on...After the session I feel so much lighter, I feel elated, I feel radiant, and that life is my oyster."

Hear what Amanda had to say about our work together.