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Are you looking to finally BECOME the successful leader you were meant to be?

Are you ready to finally stop struggling, stressing, and trying to figure out HOW you are going to make it all work?

Badass female leaders, are you ready to take your business to the next level while creating balance with your home, better relationships, and more time and energy to do it all?

If you are a badass female leader and you are looking to grow your business AND have balance with your home life too then watch the video below.

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My Story...

When my daughter was six months old I realized that I could no longer operate the way I had been feeling. 

I desperately wanted to get back into ‘flow’ you know, basically feeling like the old me. Each day I would struggle with this idea that I wasn’t good enough.

My heart was full of love and joy and absolute gratitude that this little soul picked me to be her mom. And, on the other hand, I felt so afraid because I had disconnected from who I was or who I was supposed to be. 

Finally, one day I realized that I couldn’t keep going the way I was. I had everything I dreamed of and had no energy to enjoy it. I knew I was meant for more I just didn’t know how. 

I called my coach and never looked back. 

Now, I operate from the alignment of who I am becoming. I release the pressure to be perfect and do it all and do it the way mothers before me did it. Times are different now and I can’t do it the old way. There was no room for me to be me, there was no room for ease or effortlessness, there was no room for divine feminine flow. I chose me, and I healed the mother's wound.

About Nicole...

Nicole Weston (she/her) is a trained Social Worker,  Self-Love Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP. She has been working with moms in business for over 8 years; specializing in coaching mothers into alignment so they can have it all without the huddle and grind. 

As a Master Practitioner, Nicole combines trauma informed practices with the most advanced neuroscience modalities to offer emotional mastery, inner alignment, self-confidence, and abundant possibilities. 

Nicole believes that the old paradigm of business leadership is no longer serving women and it’s time to redefine. 

“This inner work is so powerful because we are releasing the patterns and conditions that are holding women back from having it all, the success, love and presence in motherhood”.

B E C O M I N G 

is for driven, badass female leaders who are….

  • Wanting to reach next levels in your business but aren’t sure how to do it all.

  • Making money in your business but have no time to really enjoy it.

  • Caught up in the hustle and grind of trying to do it all and feel burnt out.

  • Wishing your partner would step up and do more.

  • Needing to take better care of yourself but don’t even know where to start

You are finally ready to... 

  • Create flow and balance between your business and home life.

  • Have time to spend with your family and actually enjoy it.

  • Make more money in an aligned and efficient way.

  • Have a powerful and passionate relationship with your partner.

  • Be able to finally BREATHE

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By the end of this 6 month program, you will be operating your life and business in an aligned and efficient way. You will be making more money, having more FUN, putting YOUR NEEDS first all while having a better family life and the energy to make it all happen.

What We Cover...


The Vision for Self 

We will discover the essence of what you desire, what is important to you and what you need so you can have what you want and deserve. 

Between Two Worlds

Connect and communicate with inner self mastery. 

The Rebirth

We will get to the root cause of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having ease, peace and joy in your life and business. 

Inner Alignment 

Implementing and practicing new daily rituals combined with the new paradigm of mothering, parenting and being a badass leader in business. We will cover the powerful framework of boundaries, saying no and so much more. 

The Manifestation Code

Clarity and focus so you can embody all the endless possibilities.

This 6-month program includes:

  • 12, Live 90-minute video calls 
  • 4, 1:1 VIP Sessions focused on releasing your unconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding you back 
  • Quantum resolutions 
  • Weekly Voxer "office hours" for customized coaching, support, and guidance 
  • Accountability to realize your biggest desires and truest self.
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