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  • Earn 10k+ months?
  • Release the money blocks at a cellular level and quantum leap into success?
  • Create flow and balance between your business and home life?
  • Have quality time to spend with your family and actually enjoy it?
  • Have a powerful and passionate relationship with your partner?
  • Be able to finally BREATHE?

I will lead you through 3 months of aligning to your desires of prosperity, peace, ease, happiness, love, time, and freedom. You will release the unconscious money blocks and the limiting belief that you can't have it all. 

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Are you ready to finally stop struggling, stressing, and trying to figure out HOW you are going to make it all work?

This 3-month coaching experience is for driven, badass female leaders who know that...

  • You want to hit 10k plus months in your business but aren’t sure how because you have zero time or energy
  • You value investing in self development 
  • You work hard and get caught up in the hustle and grind of trying to do it all and feel burnt out
  • You feel like you are never really present at home or in the business because you are managing it all 
  • You know you need to do something different but aren’t sure where to start
  • You crave balance and excellence and have zero energy for either one

If you are ready to grow your business, make more income, and have more time to do the things you love, keep reading.

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The month my daughter turned one years old I celebrated my first 14k month in my business. I am earning more now in my business than I ever did before becoming a mother. 

Why? Because I believe we have the infinite ability to manifest what we desire and bring it into reality.

In July 2018, our daughter was born. 3 months postpartum I had come to realize my mind, body and soul were not aligned with starting back so soon. EVERYTHING was different. 

I didn’t know who I was or HOW I was going to manage it all. 

I felt lost, confused, unsure how I would support our family.

I experienced anxiety and fear not knowing how I would do it all. How can I make an impact in the world and earn income while being present with our daughter?

I realized I was carrying some MASSIVE money beliefs wrapped into motherhood that were preventing me from having it all. 

Some unconscious beliefs I was carrying were: 

  • success can’t happen while I am a mom to a toddler
  • motherhood is hard and relentless
  • there isn’t enough time, 
  • earning money isn’t easy because you have to work HARD, 
  • you can’t have both a thriving business and a loving partner
  • you only get one; money or love

When my daughter was 9 months old I went DEEP into the inner work and all the confusion, struggle and uncertainty of how I would do it all transformed with ONE word, 


The moment I heard this word everything inside me aligned.

The results started showing up in every of my life  with ease and power not force.

By the time my daughter turned one year old I celebrated my biggest month in sales.I was also caring for our daughter and enjoying a loving, healthy, passionate relationship with my love. 

I didn’t previously believe that could be my reality.

After doing the inner work and releasing the unconscious programming I aligned myself to my desires.  The more deeper I went into alignment the more powerful the results were in my clients, in my sales and in my family.  

I consistently crush 5-figure months.

I am a worthy and wealthy woman. 

I LIVE each moment with intentional action.

I can have it all and so can you and it gets to be easy, fun and prosperous.

We get to have it all.

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B E C O M I N G 

Coaching experience is designed to unleash the badass leader and mother you really are 


What you will get...

  • I help you get aligned to your desires and launch you towards your new vision for yourself
  • Live training sessions where we focus on mindset, the energetics of business, emotional mastery and manifestation designed to clear your unconscious money blocks 
  • Receive high levels of coaching in an intimate size group
  • Access to bonus trainings and courses, The Motherhood Code™ which includes my Back to Basics Method™
  • You will be fully aligned to your unique design for living life on your terms
  • You will be making more MONEY
  • Having more FUN
  • Putting YOUR NEEDS first all while having a better family life and the energy to make it all happen.


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Coaching + Mentoring + Community = Divine Leadership  

The 3 month experience 


2 60 minute VIP Coaching Sessions Per Month

2 Group Trainings Per Month where you are welcome to ask Nicole any questions, get feedback on what needs to change and happen to hit your goals, and learn from the other women in the group

⇨ Unlimited access to Nicole through Voxer M-F

⇨ Six month access to my training Divine Leadership (24 videos)

⇨ Mastermind sisters in group Voxer chat (Nicole will be checking M-F) - Ask questions, get motivation, receive new perspectives, and mindset shifts to rise up

 ✧ Bonus: My Elevate your Self-Love training to guide you step by step to elevating your worth and self-love. This is not available outside of the mastermind.


The Investment

$5555 paid in full and save $1000


6 payments of $1,111


By the end of the 3 month experience you will be fully aligned to your unique design for living life on your terms. You will have more TIME, be having more FUN, putting YOUR NEEDS first all while HAVING it all. 

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What People Are Saying...

"Nicole is amazing! I can never thank her enough. She helped me remember my WHY for choosing to own my own business.  Nicole helped me channel my emotions, feel them and release them in a positive manner. I am so much happier and I working towards my business working for me and not the other way around. Covid did a number on my mindset, but now I am feeling more aligned with my mind and body. I am forever grateful for her listening ear and guidance."

"I am a better woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur because I had this beautiful woman in my corner. I highly recommend that you take a moment to connect with Nicole; it will change your life!"

I am a mother of two, wife, business owner, Realtor and Medical Professional. We live a busy life, but I was being lost amongst the roles that I play. Nicole has helped me live a more loving, compassionate, confident life that I didn’t know existed a year ago. I can voice my wants and desires that were always right below the surface, but unable to break through. I have a voice again and I have room to breathe. 

She has created a community of women that are an endless support, that are grounding and yet so powerful and inspiring. 

My life is more abundant in love, guidance and joy than I ever felt possible before Nicole Weston entered my life. I am looking forward to my continued work with Nicole and can’t wait to see the life I have created in another years time❤️🙏🏻

"This was the best decision I ever made.  Nicole was amazing!  With her guidance and support she allowed me to determine and release old thought patterns and emotions that were keeping me stuck.  I am happier, confident and more determined than ever to have the best life possible and accomplish all the things I deserve.  I  highly recommend Nicole and her program."

"Nicole is so wonderful and loving. I could feel the love radiating from her which taught me to implement the same love practices in my life. The limbic brain (feelings) has no words to describe how I feel about all the work Nicole & I did together. Reaching inside to find those words, Amazing, Love, Love, love, I can see the RockStar within me and love her as Nicole has loved me. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😊"

"Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Nicole for a 6 month coaching program and it was an incredibly empowering experience!"

"With compassion and love, Nicole guided me through starting my own company, managing my relationships, self love and care and maintaining a household as a Mommy of 2 babies. She provided powerful strategies, meditation and was available for me throughout the entire journey."



Nicole Weston (she/her) is a mom, fiancé and so much more. She is a badass Business coach for the mom who wants it all. She is Master Practitioner in NLP, with a degree in social work and combines emotional intelligence with energetics to help moms redefine and align to what they truly desire.

Nicole combines her 8 years of entrepreneurship with the most advanced neuroscience modalities to offer emotional mastery, inner alignment, self-confidence, and abundant possibilities.