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"I had everything I dreamed of and had no energy to enjoy it. I knew I was meant for more I just didn’t know how".

Nicole Weston 

Hi, love I'm Nicole Weston and I am so happy you are here. 

I believe we get to have it all

And the reason that I know this is because I experience it. 

Which didn’t come easy. 

We are deeply conditioned to believe we can have success in one area of life at the sacrifice of all others. We believe that if we want to be wealthy, it means we have to be lonely or that if we want to be successful in business, it means we can’t be a present parent.  

And that simply is not true. 

The month my daughter turned one, I celebrated my first 14k month in my business. I was earning more in my business than I ever had before becoming a mother. 

When the world came to a stop in 2020 I hit the pause button and focused on being even more present. The results were more happiness, presence, impact with clients and a six figure year in business. 

Why? Because I believe we have the infinite ability to manifest what we desire and bring it into reality.



It's time to redefine and align to the badass leader and mother you really are

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